The service profile of the Wiechers & Helm group includes all the classic functions of an International trading house:


  • Acquisition of the required products and securing their delivery from Europe or the most suitable source
  • Representation of suppliers in special markets based on the necessary know-how and market experience
  • Execution of exports and imports fulfilling all legal and branch specific regulations
  • Consolidation of various items into combined shipments, reducing total costs while handling each operation with care
  • Documentation for each delivery, including special requirements like preshipment inspection and the provision of all necessary certificates
  • Financing of deliveries at favourable conditions


Examples of our worldwide activities include:


> Quartz glass to Japan
> Camphor from China
> Special hard metal tools to Korea
> Ampicillin from India
> Burners from Germany
> Vivapur (MCC) to Tanzania
> Sugar to Ghana
> Rock crystal from Madagascar
> Incense to Santo Domingo
> Staranis from Vietnam
> Nonyl Phenol to Asia
> Linden flowers from Bulgaria
> Spareparts to Brazil
> Quartz sand from USA
> Senna pods to Chile
> Menthol from China
> Nicotinamide to Nigeria
> Hexamine from Russia
> Glycerine to Kenya