In 1954, Oswald Priess founded the company O. PRIESS & Co. Today the company has three business lines: OPC EXPORT, OPC QUARTZ and OPC CHEMIE.


Together with a business partner living in Brazil, Oswald Priess started out with the export of industrial products to the "Cono Sur" - the states in southern Latin America. Over the years OPC EXPORT developed into an efficient division for the export of technical products.


However, the most important product for Oswald Priess, and his personal passion, was natural quartz. In the beginning, he imported boxes filled with pieces of fusing quartz from Brazil for his friend Kurt Baer, who was the owner of the West German fused quartz company in Geesthacht. When the military government in Brazil restricted the export of quartz in the seventies, Oswald Priess organized the raw materials from Angola and entered into a mining partnership in Madagascar. His product knowledge and his connections made him a popular partner for producers and fabricators.


Since 1994 he passed his knowledge and passion for quartz to Dr. Hans Fabian Kruse, who is today responsible for the activities of OPC QUARTZ.


In 2002 OPC O. Priess & Co. took over the Latin America export of the company Hermann Strack. As OPC CHEMIE we concentrate on the transit trade with chemical raw materials.

Take a look at our world of quartz:

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A selection of polished points


A block in piezo-electric quality,
abt. 20 kilograms


Pieces of fusingquartz for crystal growing, 10-40 grams


Part of our stock of spheres,
average weight abt. 15 kilograms


Large sphere,
weight abt. 57 kilograms


Piezo-electric bars from the autoclave