Today Wiechers & Helm is an International trading house with a rich product portfolio of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials. Products are typically supplied either directly from their location of production or from our logistics center located in Hamburg.


For our customers in Asia and Latin America, we provide competitive products to satisfy their many requirements.


Containers and computers have made it possible to standardize transportation procedures and to revolutionize packing, storage and logistics. In order to meet our responsibility to nature and the environment, W&H fulfils strict regulations for the storage and the transportation of chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials.


W&H employs trained and experienced personnel, who know the ropes in European ports, but also in other trading centres around the globe. With the help of our worldwide partnerships we are able to bring any product to or from any corner of the world.



We provide attested service, here our certificates:



Our main markets are




> Australia
> Bangladesh
> Hong Kong
> Indonesia
> Malaysia
> Myanmar
> Oceania
> Pakistan
> Philippines
> Singapore
> South Korea
> Taiwan
> Thailand




> Argentina
> Bolivia
> Brazil
> Chile
> Ecuador
> El Salvador
> Colombia
> Guatemala
> Panama
> Paraguay
> Peru